FitNation Assembly Videos – FitNation by Echelon


Welcome to the FitNation family. On this page you will find a collection of assembly videos for FitNation's line of products. You've already taken the first step in your fitness journey, let FitNation help you the rest of the way.


Target your core muscles with the FitNation Core Lounge Ultra workout chair. The full-body supported chair extends over 180 degrees and folds to simulate crunches. Comfort handles and custom foot grips help you maintain proper form while you work your way toward a better fitness routine


Your fitness resolutions--they're still here, and they're about to gain major traction with the FitNation Slimline walking treadmill in your home. It's specially designed for walking speeds, is flat-folding, and has a base that's a slender 5"H. What's that mean for you? No major takeover of your living room and no more facing the elements, uneven neighborhood terrain, or scary gym fees to get your daily exercise in.


Pedal past all your goals with the Flex Bike Ultra. Multiple levels of adjustable magnetic resistance ensure that you'll be able to challenge yourself, while built-in resistance bands allow you to work your upper body as well. The LCD display has six functions to track your progress: speed, time, distance, scan, calories, and pulse. When you're finished, simply fold up and wheel away for easy storage.


The FitNation Flex Elliptical Trainer provides an optimal workout routine targeting arms, legs, glutes and core muscles one fluid motion. With 8 levels of whisper-quiet magnetic resistance, the Elliptical Trainer provides a customizable workout for users of all fitness levels. Large plate footholds and comfort grip handles help to give users a secure foothold and grip, allowing them to focus on fitness. 3 adjustable heights and a weight limit of 260 lbs accommodates a wide range of body types and fitness levels.


Get your fitness goals in gear with FITNATION's EZ Step stationary in-home bike. With its three adjustable seat positions -- recumbent, mid-level, and upright -- you can make your cardio journey as challenging as you choose. Customize your ride with 16 levels of resistance, a five-position handlebar, and removable upper body resistance bands (for a total body workout). And track your progress with monitored metrics like speed, distance, and calories to keep you motivated. No more rough terrain, menacing traffic, or soggy weather to wreck your workout -- now you can focus on your fitness anytime, anywhere, in any room thanks to the EZ Step's compact footprint and foldable design. Plus, a low-clearance mount makes it easy to hop on or off (no high bar to clear here!). Take it for a spin!